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Chapter 5 : The Sandwich Method

Hers’s the SANDWICH lesson that I thought of sharing with all the parents,
 Teaching new things differs from kids to adults.
 Tackling the kids is a biggest challenge, but not difficult.
 Here it is, while teaching your children use the ‘Sandwich Training Method’.
 Tell your child a positive statement first (bread), then the detail which needs to be improved (fillings ), finally ending with positive reinforcement (bread)
 This is one of the examples that I implement in my classes,
“Your stance is perfect. Try to perform with more speed. Keep up the great spirit.”
 This make them happy to receive feedback.

Chapter 4 : The Lesson of Mistake

This chapter aims to emphasize to young children the importance of learning from mistakes. Kids can become so stubborn that they refuse to listen to their parents at times. Thus, they will be more aware and focused the next time, which will cause them to think twice about what they did. 
When a child is exceedingly persistent and insists on doing things that are not appropriate, use the following method similarly if the scenario matches the situation. 
For instance, if a child insists on spilling water down, let them do it and make sure to only fulfil their needs once the water has been cleaned up. This encourages kids to think twice about what they did in the past and refrain from similar actions in future.

Chapter 3 : The Spirit of Perseverance!!

Through the study of karate students can build a ‘non-quitting’ spirit.
A solid punch will still do. A good kick is acceptable. Your inner strength, nevertheless, is what matters most.
No matter your gender, age, height, weight, colour as long as you study karate, you can cultivate a resilient attitude and a refusal to give up.
This is due to the fact that life is filled with constant change. However, each change is viewed as a challenge. 

 Always think positively, “I can progress through this. I can improve myself in this way.”
With such attitude, one can overcome difficulties by maintaining a cheerful mindset. As you go through life, you adopt a certain attitude that makes you feel strong!
So, regardless of how well you do in your studies or in competitions, always keep a non-quitting mindset!!!
Wishing the best to all my students for your upcoming championships…

Chapter 2: The Slate Story

Note: This is for under 10 year old kids.

Chapter 1: The Buddy-Bank